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Miele household appliances have always stood for the very best: premium quality, outstanding durability – made for those who love to be on the leading edge.


old technology

Back in 1901 Miele transformed their very successful wooden butter churn to create a new innovative cornerstone: The tub, the paddle and the hand-driven flywheel were no longer churning cream to butter, instead they were disrupting laundry. The quality was exceptional – Miele’s first washing machine rapidly became a bestseller.


Way ahead
of time

The first electrical dishwasher in Europe was introduced in 1929 – developed by Miele. The machine was still rather simple and had to be operated manually. But with this pioneering achievement Miele took the first steps towards revolutionizing daily chores, a journey which began to reach its full potential in the decades that followed.



At the end of the 1980s Miele invented the cutlery tray, which added a new third level above the two crockery baskets in the dishwasher. Without changing the machine's size more cutlery and crockery can be loaded – while the cutlery is washed even more thoroughly than before. A highly popular concept that quickly became the standard across the industry.


The gentle

With the innovative honeycomb drum, Miele revolutionized laundry care in 2001. The web-like surface structure creates a thin film of water between drum and laundry, on which the laundry is gliding gently. Smaller, smoothly polished shouldered holes prevent pilling and laddering, and small objects no longer end up in the drain pump.


Hot steam rides
the microwave

In 2015, the Miele engineers created a unique built-in appliance: a combination of steam oven and microwave. Although both disciplines couldn’t be more different, the new appliance masters each without taking shortcuts when it comes to quality. Space-saving, functional, and convenient it is the perfect secondary kitchen appliance.


Miele presents
the Dialog oven

With the Dialog oven, Miele presents a pioneering cooking appliance that sets new standards in culinary excellence. The revolutionary M Chef technology enables exceptional cooking innovation and creates matchless moments of enjoyment. Revolutionary excellence.

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